5 ways to make the most of your shopping app

5 ways to make the most of your shopping app

You may have the best shopping app on your phone, but are you a smart shopper? Answer these 5 questions to find out.

In a world where instant gratification has become the norm, it is little surprise that online shopping apps rule the roost for those who like to shop without stepping out of their homes. Shopping apps are a growing industry in the country, and most online shoppers have them installed on their phones. But merely having the app on your phone does not help – the trick is to use it wisely to save money and get a good deal on your purchases.

Ask yourself these 5 questions when you use your shopping app the next time:

1. Do you go with one or look across many?

Granted, you only like to shop on one shopping app. But have you considered the possibility that there may be a better bargain elsewhere? Shopping apps certainly depend on customer loyalty, but that loyalty is tempered with year-round deals, offers, cashback and many incentives to shop only from that app. Whenever you shop, browse your preferred app but go across to other shopping apps to see if they have a better offer. You can then buy from the app that offers the best deal.

2. Do you shop in haste or do you take your time?

If you are a quick shopper, then you are wise to stick to the shopping app that has a clean interface with zero glitches. But if you like to take your time to make a decision, then it is best to open multiple apps so that you can get an effective comparison across brands, sizes, colours and prices. Comparing the same product across different shopping apps helps you snag the best deals. But be warned that you must keep your eyes trained on all the benefits being offered across multiple apps.

3. Do you ‘drive’ a bargain?

A canny shopper knows when to buy and when to wait. You can go ahead and add items to your shopping bag. But if you really want to drive home a good bargain, then don’t pay just yet – fill your shopping bag and wait. Chances are that the app will notice your bag and no activity further on. If this is during a sale period, then you will be alerted to buy quickly because stocks are scarce. If it is not a sale period, the site may throw in a discount to incentivise the purchase. Either way, you win!

4.Do you pay first and regret it later?

The first rule to follow when you’re buying from a new site, is to assess the entire experience from start to finish before committing yourself. This means that you buy only one item at first, and exercise the COD (Cash On Delivery) option instead of paying upfront. Doing this will help you see if the shopping app comes good on its claims, whether the product is as good as it was advertised, and whether the correct items have been delivered before you pay cash.

5.Do you go through the exchange policy?

Don’t blithely assume that the app will allow exchanges in a month. Some sites have only a 15-day window for exchanges and refunds. Others do not allow exchange on certain categories of clothing, or on footwear. Still others do not refund money but prompt you to buy a comparable item. Study the shopping app’s exchange and refund policy before you commit yourself.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your next online shopping trip.

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