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Bluetooth Speaker and Its Different Features

Now a day’s everyone wants to get some new product which is usable and durable. Everyone wants their day with soothing music out from your alarm clock with a brilliant speaker in it! If you are easily tired of the music that you have on your phone or player then don’t worry for it, if you like Wireless speaker and you want to purchase those items from the market, we have the right kind of device for you that is the best Bluetooth speaker with radio.

 Today there are lots of Bluetooth speakers which are getting much power and louder every time through the portable feature will be gone, you will have a louder sound system that you can scatter in your room and just use Bluetooth to let them work, USB speakers are also available and they’re much more like regular speakers and the waterproof wireless speaker are larger than the portable speakers.

We listen to music to a radio. The characteristics of Bluetooth speakers are not just of multifunctional features but it definitely has good sound quality and hardware under the hood.

 Acid Eye Bass38 is the best Bluetooth speaker. The protocols are of high standards and are best in class when it comes to sound technology. It is flagship model, sporty, premium from the brand known as Acid Eye. The main function for these portable speakers is to connect more people through the sharing of music, because by then people may understand more about other people.


  • Bluetooth audio, version 4.0
  • Alarm clock
  • FM radio
  • FM radio with the large screen display
  • Size & Weight
  • 75mm x 60mm x 125mm, 430 gm
  • Power by
  • USB charging
  • 32G to the Max
  • Hardware
  • Best Bluetooth Speaker 4.2 +EDR smart chip, stronger performance
  • 3.5 mm audio cable and charging cable
  • Sound quality
  • 3D stereo
  • Woofer
  • Intelligent dual core coding
  • Battery
  • lithium battery, fast charging mode
  • Real-time display in 12/24 format
  • Multifunctional LED mirror screen
  • Ergonomically designed,
  • Compatible with major mobile phones, laptops, computers.


You can always find something interesting on the mobile speaker. It helps you to become nostalgic to that old music and give you the remainder of your past time. Sometimes it reminds you about all those golden eras which you have left away from your life.  This is why it’s good to have the best wireless speaker with a built-in mobile. It will never be boring you can also listen to the news and other entertaining programs on it.

While a generation grew up into getting accustomed with using Smartphone, one grew with their mobiles already connected the Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is a technology that needs to be defined for this latter generation. While there were clouds murking over the existence of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Speakers made sure the clouds got cleared. As a result, a new rage was born named Bluetooth portable speakers that brought Bluetooth as a technology, back to life! Parties have become remote now; all that is need is the desire to party, phone and any of these speakers!


  • Using Wireless speakers is so easy. No need to be tech-savvy to install them. You can directly connect with the mobile device and listen to the music.
  • In spite of being wireless and portable, there is no compromise on the quality of sound.
  • One of the problems of traditional speakers is that their wires usually get tangled.. Bluetooth speakers were designed with that in mind that’s why they are the wireless speaker. These are not so much costly and easily available in the market.


  • There are quite a lot of reasons why you should have a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can easily play your music and share with your friends as it works perfectly during gatherings, get together parties and picnics.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers are used to listen to the music and to send some important files to another one’s mobile. This is why portable wireless speakers become so famous in the market.

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