How to pick the best earrings for girls according to face shape size

How to pick the best earrings for girls according to face shape size

While earrings are a great way to perk up the outfit one is wearing and get them ready for any occasion in a jiffy, the mistake everyone makes is picking out the wrong earrings. Be it buying earrings onlineor offline, it is very important to know exactly what kind of earrings is suitable for one else it will be a shame buying an earring and never wearing it the second time. Here is a detailed guide to pick out the best earrings for women according to face shape size:

Round Face

A person with fuller cheeks and a circular face should opt for long drop kundan earrings or danglers, as they can make the face look slimmer. Staying away from circular earrings that are chunky, hoop earring and button studs will help tremendously as they only highlight the roundness of the face. One should stay steer clear of drop earrings that have a dangling round disc.

Long and narrow face

A person with a long, thin face should pick kundan earrings that emphasise the width of the face. Also, round stud earrings, medium to large-sized hoops will help highlight the width of the face. The best earrings for girls with such faces are short danglers.

Square face

For a face where the width of the forehead, cheeks and jawline are similar, it is said to be a square face. The trick is to pick a pair of earrings that will soften the sharp edges of the face. It is better to go for long earrings that are medium to long in length and have rounded edges. Oval shapes, circular earrings and hoops work well too. Also, square studs are a big no-no!

Heart-shaped face

If a person has a forehead that is wider than their cheeks, and the face narrows toward the chin, then the person is said to have a heart-shaped face. The trick here is to strike a balance by drawing attention to the lower part of the face. It is recommended to go for chandeliers, jhoomkas, jhumkis and tear-drop earrings as they complement a heart-shaped face well. One should never go for inverted triangle-shaped earrings, as these will completely throw off the balance.

Oval face

If the forehead is not too wide, and the face narrows down towards the chin, then that’s an oval face. When blessed with an oval-shaped face, a person can pull off any earring style. One can do whatever she wants with terracotta earrings, studs, dangle earring, drops and literally. However, studs or triangular earrings will complement the lovely cheekbones best.

It is true that girls don’t think so much before wearing earrings but it would not hurt to look good. All they need to do is be sure of what suits their face the best. Once they know what is right for them, wearing earrings to look good get simple after that. The next time before buying earrings online or in the market, make sure to consult this article first.

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