Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The abundance of massage techniques and Spa Warren is so promising that you can literally lose yourself in this relaxing variety. Swedish massage, stone therapy massage or aromatherapy?

To choose the variant which is the best for you, it is important to understand what exactly each technique makes for your body. In addition, knowing the details of each service you will be able to stay safe from unwanted results.

Swedish Massage:

Popular name of this technique is classic massage. It is based on pleasant movements that are quite repetitive. It involves use of various oils known as aromatherapy. One of the key elements of this technique is “effleurage” which is a long, relaxing stroke performed with one or both hands.

Other important movements area kneading type of touch that helps enhance blood circulation and “percussion” used to relax nerves. This massage also involves a rubbing movement called friction. The pressure of the technique depends on the clients’’ preferences.

Deep Tissue Massage:

The aim of this technique is connective tissue and tiny fibers connecting all structures of the human organism. When connective tissue is released your muscles become more relaxed and more flexible as well.

If you suffer from a serious injury or workout in a gym too much and have such a problem as muscles adhering to each other it will help. The technique includes use of hands, fingers, thumbs, forearms and elbows.

Hot Stone Massage:

This type of massage can be described as an additional. It is usually combined with Swedish massage to make its effect deeper and more lasting. Stone therapy is based on hot stones which make your muscles more relaxed and “magnetize” blood flow to the area where the stones are used.
During the therapy, the stones are placed on your back, hands and between the toes. In some cases longer type of stones are used. It helps to stretch your muscles better.


In some cases, massage is not good for your health. It depends on your personal conditions. In case you have skin problems, you need to stay away from hot stone massage. People who have been through a surgery or faced a serious injury should not choose deep tissue massage.
Neither should pregnant women. Aromatherapy is not good for people with allergies. Spa services are also better to avoid if you have painful veins or serious problems with blood pressure. If you have doubts about technique choice, consult your therapist to get a practical piece of advice.

For those who worry about the effect of the technique chosen a consultation with a physician is necessary. It will help you to stay healthy, safe and relaxed.

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