The Best Ways To Make Maximum Utilization Of Amazon Fire TV

What Are The Best Ways To Make Maximum Utilization Of Amazon Fire TV?

After a long time of disappearance, Fire TV and Fire Stick by Amazon are back again in business. The new version of these technologies comes with dynamic functionality and new features. 4K output, impressive library of award-winning originals and binge-able shows help in accessing all streaming services. This makes it a nice setup for entertainment lovers. Fire stick comes with hack able properties that take wire-cutting to a higher level.

Turn your mobile into a voice remote

Amazon sells Fire TV as well as the Voice Remote devices. By downloading Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can save a good amount on cash. This allows your iPhone / Android mobile to act as a “Voice Remote alternative”. One has to connect the mobile to the Wi-Fi network that is same as that your Fire TV. Now punch the 4-digit code that flashes on the screen.

With the help of the onscreen keyboard or voice feature, you can easily carry out searches. Samsung offers two different type of Fire TV streaming devices. One is the dongle like Fire television with 4K Ultra HD technology. Other one is the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick.

Compare is a reputed website that gives you an accurate price comparison of different digital devices. Some of them are mobiles, cameras, tablets, ACs, laptops, refrigerators, books, television, washing machines, etc.

This website also lists discount coupons that make your purchase profitable. With more than seven million views of page per month, this website creates a distinctive avenue for quick and hassle-free price comparison for Indian customers. OLED television provides the best precision, brightness, and volume of color to its users.

Provides more personal space for installing a flash drive.

The Fire TV saves your 8GB space of internal memory. This released space can be further used to save some applications, audio, and videos. If you wish to free up space or adding personal files, then you can transfer content to another device.

This can be done by inserting a flash drive inside the USB port. This port is located at the rear end of the settop box. Once your device is switched in, you need to visit Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications. This will help you efficiently move content into and outside the USB stick.

How to stream content stored on smartphone or Fire tablet?

To do this, you need to connect your device from which you want to move your content to the Wi-Fi network. It can be an Android phone or a Fire tablet. To do this connection, you need to follow a few steps. Visit Settings. Choose “Display and Sounds.” Now select “Enable Display Mirroring.” Now you press the “Home button,” and select Mirroring. Once these steps are done, you are all set to connect the compatible device.


Apple television and Chromecast are not the only streamers that can pass your mobile content to an HDTV. Fire TV devices provide an ability to users to share personal media content present on their smartphone on multiple screens.

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